KlickOrder Features

Basic App Features

  • Colorful photographs of menu items.
  • Detailed descriptions of each menu item including ingredients and cost.
  • Company branding with logo and company colors displayed on each screen.
  • Easy and intuitive navigation through the site.
  • One click to display store information - hours of operation, phone number, address, and map.
  • One touch to call the store.

Map Features

  • App provides a GPS map that calculates the route to the store and shows a street map route to the store.
  • Map shows a pin of where the customer is and an end pin where the store is located.
  • The cusomter map pan adjusts via GPS to show at every moment where the customer is in relation to the store.

Customer Registration

  • One-time easy customer registration.
  • App keeps customer delivery information on its database for quick reference for future deliveries.
  • App keeps customer information private.

App Notification Features

  • App notifies customer if they are not within delivery zone for food deliveries.
  • App alerts customers if they are ordering when the store is closed and will not proceed with the orders.
  • Store owners can activate and deactivate store hours notification on the app when store closes or opens at a non-routine time.

Ordering Features

  • One-click ordering of each item.
  • Easy method to add multiple items to the order.
  • Secure credit card transactions using modern network encryption techniques, processed by
  • "My Favorites" keeps track of the past ordering history of customers for quick reordering of favorite items.
  • App helps calculate a tip for delivery orders.
  • Friendly pop-up asks if customer would like to add a drink or dessert before checkout.
  • A comment section for each order allows customers to alert the chef to any ingredients they would like to leave out, special requests, or food allergies.

Fax and Email Notification Features

  • Immediate notification of an order right to both fax and email.
  • If the app is not able to reach the store fax due to high volume of faxes, the app will try to reconnect with the fax every minute until it is able to place the order.
  • App keeps customer credit card information private.
  • App does not share credit card information with the store fax machine.

Loyalty Program Features

  • Loyalty Program allows the app to keep track of the number of times each customer orders.
  • Loyalty Program automatically rewards customer from the app and automatically adds a star to the customer's Loyalty Program tally on the app.
  • The number of stars and the discount is determined on an individual basis with each store.